We Artists are creators, building and maintaining the Mauritian cultural society. We put our thoughts and imagination into music, poems, books paintings, wood and metal works and many others. We pick up the basic/rough materials, flavour them and move them into halls and galleries. Strangers get to know us and think of us as their friends because our art, our creations are valuable to them and bring meaning to their lives. Today, the Mauritius Society of Authors is working diligently to keep all members connected to what is happening with board members, directors, administrators, and committees. This framework enables the Society governing members to reflect the life of its members as it is being lived; these past two years, we have been able to embody the strengths and weaknesses of the society platform. Many old matters have been solved or erased to permit this new administration to work with a new attitude. Our actions are devoted to the interest of all authors. Members, you are crucial to what we do. This society is your property. Your concerns, issues, problems are what we are here to work on. By being more involved and approaching us with these concerns and suggestions, allow you to gain more control of how your society is administered.

From the tariff committees to distribution, from membership to public relations, the Society has a process of self-governance that, we hope, will bring you complete satisfaction. A new tariff for musical users has been set up in order to increase the revenues from hotels and other institutions that use musical works. These revenues are yours and will be distributed to you in a timely manner. With up-to-date tools and training, our officers are remaining at the forefront of the technological advances in their respective field so as to serve you with new attitude. From works declarations and protection to distribution, everything we do must reflect our determination to add value to your work and to your contribution to our Culture.

12th July 2003 at the Plaza Theatre, nine of our oldest song writers, composers and musicians received a trophy for their long career and one research group received each an award for their research work in the field of our cultural patrimony. We are working so that next year the current generation of artists is also rewarded, our way of showing them that their creations and imagination are and will continue to be celebrated by the Society that represents them. Our relationship with our authors goes beyond collection and distribution. We aim to celebrate our authors and continuously remind them how important they are to our plural Mauritius.

Dear Artists, your creations are valuable to us as a country. You alone can represent us on the international scene.

Please create, create and keep creating.

Marcel Poinen
The Chairperson

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